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We Are Licensed Waste Carriers

Sustainable Waste Management

As licensed waste carriers, we will collect all your site debris, discarded materials and rubbish and bring them back to our transfer station for responsible recycling and disposal. Choose Monster Skips as your preferred waste management solutions provider in Birmingham and the West Midlands.



As a sustainable waste management company, we will collect all your site debris, discarded materials, and rubbish and bring it back to our transfer station where it will be professionally sorted and allocated to the appropriate collection area in our recycling centre. With our expertise and commitment to eco-conscious practices, we strive to provide efficient and effective waste management services tailored to meet your needs.

We collect, process, and recycle waste in a way that minimises environmental impact and promotes sustainability. Whether you’re a construction company in need of debris removal, a business seeking commercial waste solutions, or a household requiring residential waste collection, we’re here to help.

Join us in our commitment to a cleaner, greener future. Choose Monster Skips for all your waste management needs in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

sustainable waste management
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We collect

Debris, Waste & Rubbish

Our fleet of waste collection vehicles collects all your debris, waste and rubbish fast.

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We Sort

In Our Own Transfer Station

We sort all your waste professionally at our fully licensed transfer station.

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We recycle

Committed to Recycling

As a licensed eco-conscious waste management company, we responsibly recycle as much waste as we possibly can.

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We Are Prompt

And Competitively Priced

With 30 years in the trade, we pride ourselves on being prompt, reliable and competitively priced for all our waste management solutions.

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Waste Collection and Transport

Licensed Waste Carriers

At Monster Skips, we pride ourselves on being licensed waste carriers, authorised to handle and transport various types of waste. Whether it’s site debris, discarded materials, or general rubbish, our team is trained and certified to collect and transport waste safely and legally. Our licensing ensures that we adhere to strict regulations and standards, providing peace of mind to our clients regarding the proper handling and disposal of their waste.

Prompt and Efficient Waste Collection

We understand the importance of timely waste collection, especially in busy environments such as construction sites, commercial establishments, and residential areas. That’s why we offer prompt and efficient waste collection services using our fleet of vehicles. Equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, our skilled drivers and crew members ensure that waste is collected promptly and transported to the appropriate disposal facilities. Whether you require one-time pickups or scheduled collections, you can rely on Monster Skips for reliable and hassle-free waste management solutions.

Residential Waste Collection

Residential Waste Collection Services

Managing household waste can be a daunting task, especially for busy homeowners and families. That’s where Monster Skips comes in. We offer residential waste collection services designed to make waste disposal convenient and hassle-free for households. Whether you’re renovating your home, decluttering your garage, or simply need regular waste pickups, our team is here to help. We provide flexible scheduling options and reliable service, ensuring that your waste is collected and disposed of responsibly.

Safe and Responsible Disposal

The proper disposal of household waste is essential to protect the environment and public health. At Monster Skips, we prioritise safety and responsibility in every aspect of our waste management services. Our trained personnel handle residential waste with care, ensuring that it is disposed of safely and in compliance with regulations. Whether it’s general household waste, garden debris, or bulky items, you can trust us to manage your waste with professionalism and integrity.


Hopefully, these FAQs should help you with some of the questions you may have about this service. If you have any other questions please feel free to call us.

As licensed waste carriers, what waste will you not take?

Items which can’t be removed by our waste management services are known as hazardous waste; these are waste types which may cause harm to the environment or damage the health of individuals. The aforementioned updates were announced in March 2011 and have become set in stone waste regulations.

Some common examples of items which can’t be removed are asbestos, gas cylinders, animal waste, explosives, batteries, oil of any kind, chemicals, paint and glue, televisions, laptops, phones, electrical equipment, lighting and tyres.

What facilities do you have to dispose of waste?

Our waste processing facilities operate with the goal of recycling as much of the waste we process as possible. With dedicated staff and state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll find our waste transfer station more than capable of meeting your needs. 

Furthermore, we put recycling at the forefront of our operations. Our team act to sort waste for processing once it is collected or delivered. This is to ensure that recycling can be carried out and the maximum amount of waste can be recycled – reducing your processed waste.

What should I do if I have large quantities of organic waste, such as garden waste or food scraps?

If you have large quantities of organic waste, such as garden waste or food scraps, we offer specialised composting services to ensure proper disposal and recycling. Organic waste can be composted to produce nutrient-rich compost, which can then be used to enrich soil and promote plant growth. Our composting services help divert organic waste from landfills and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Do you provide waste management solutions for events or temporary gatherings, such as festivals or construction site events?

Yes, we offer waste management solutions for events and temporary gatherings, including festivals, concerts, and construction site events. Our team can provide temporary waste bins, collection services, and on-site personnel to ensure proper waste management during the event. We work closely with event organisers to develop customised waste management plans that address the specific needs and requirements of the event, helping to minimise environmental impact and promote cleanliness and hygiene.

Can you assist with the disposal of construction and demolition waste, including materials such as concrete, bricks, and asphalt?

Absolutely, we specialise in the disposal of construction and demolition waste, including materials such as concrete, bricks, asphalt, and other construction debris. Our fleet of vehicles and experienced crew members are equipped to handle large volumes of construction waste efficiently and safely. We provide on-site containers and scheduled pickups to facilitate the removal and disposal of construction debris, helping to keep construction sites clean and organised while minimising environmental impact through responsible waste management practices.