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Skip hire Solihull - skip on a driveway filled with domestic waste during a home renovation project.

What size of skip do I need for my home renovation?

Are you renovating your home? Whether you are planning for a single-storey extension, a full rebuild, or anything in-between, there will be several aspects of your home renovation project that need thorough planning and execution. This may include creating a budget, finding a good home renovation contractor, making the necessary arrangements to dispose of waste material, etc. As home renovations involve demolition work which generates a lot of debris as well as rubble, you may need to book a domestic skip hire Solihull.

What is a skip?

A skip is a container that is used for disposing of waste material from residential areas, commercial areas, or construction sites. You can think of skips as large dustbins which businesses and households use whenever they want to get rid of waste in large volumes. 

Using the services of a skip hire Solihull delivers the skip to your premises and then collects it once it’s filled with trash that needs to be disposed of. Since even the smallest of home renovation projects can produce bags worth of waste, choosing the right skip size is essential.

Various sizes of skips

At Monster Skips, we offer the following skip sizes;

2-yard mini skip

It is a 2-yard skip that can hold approximately 20-30 bin bags worth of waste. The ‘mini’ 2-yard skips are ideal for small domestic waste disposal jobs like garden clearances and other small DIY projects.

4-yard midi skip

It is also known as the midi skip which can hold approximately 30-40 bin bags. Again, this skip is suitable for low-volume waste clearances, like kitchen or bathroom refits, but might not be the best option for a major sort-out.

6-yard maxi skip

This 6-yard maxi skip can hold approximately 50-60 bin bags and is perfect for bulky waste.

8-yard skip 

An 8-yard skip typically holds 60-80 bin bags or the equivalent of a Ford Transit Van. This skip size is ideal for large-scale projects, such as large household refits that involve heavy waste.

14-yard skip

A 14-yard skip is a great option when you have large amounts of waste to get rid of.  The 14 cubic yard capacity of the skip allows it to fit approximately 100-120 bin bags in it.

Skip hire Solihull - various skip sizes

How to choose the right skip size for your home renovation?

You don’t need a really big skip if you are simply revamping your bathroom or kitchen. A 4-yard midi skip in this case would do the job. However, to be on the safer side, you can choose a 6-yard skip. For a loft conversion project, an 8-yard skip is usually the most suitable choice, but if you are clearing a fully-furnished room by stripping your loft to a minimum, a bigger skip would be required, ideally a 12-yard skip. 

Trying to determine the right skip size for your home renovation project can seem a daunting task at first, but with careful consideration, you can easily decide on the best option for your needs. Take the following two factors into consideration;

The volume and dimensions of wastes

Doing an assessment of the volume and dimensions of waste material is a critical part of determining the most appropriate skip size for your needs. The total volume of waste material must include all the debris generated from the construction work, like bricks, wood, plasterboard, etc; as well as larger items, such as furniture and appliances that need to be disposed of. Regarding the dimensions of the waste materials, you need to know if certain items that you want to clear will fit in a particular skip size.

Consider the skip location

It is also important to consider the location of the skip to determine the right skip size for your project. When choosing a spot to place the skip and before booking a skip hire Solihull, make sure you follow the regulations and restrictions that have been imposed by the local authorities. This could be anything from space availability to height limitations and other constraints. Besides, make sure you pay heed to potential weight-bearing road issues as well.

Taking into account these factors will help you choose the right size of skip for your home renovation project. Contact us to discuss further your skip hire Solihull needs and get a free quote.

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